Between The Line [EP]

by Eyeresist

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released November 11, 2011

Adel Kerboushi - Bass
Yasser Kerboushi - guitar
Nasser Hajiah - Vocals
Khalid Al-Mansour - Drums/guitar


tags: metal Kuwait


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Eyeresist Kuwait

Formed in 2010, Eyeresist is a Kuwait-based metal band influenced by the experimental, hardcore and metalcore genre. The band exposes an extraordinary eloquence in their collision of melody and metal. Their spoken words have yet to deliver a deeper meaning than mere words, which help them build their musical landscape. ... more

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Track Name: Raise the Curtain
Step right up!
Track Name: Between The Lines
For the sake of this struggle
For those whose hearts are weakened weild
The courage in my words
forced water drop to the ground
Dehumanization take the crown
Fallen or pulled to the ground
Deconstruction it's coming around
Where we heading? We're adrift
Seeking the passage Of knowing what's
Between the lines
Knowing! We're adrift
Adumbrate the lies. Somethings naver change. My whole sky in captivity
Ominous illustrated facts. Give it back. Taking away all serenity
Rockets in skies. With black hearts they tactlessly advance
We are Ready to die, ready to fight! We're on our march
Advance to the front lines!
Do we ever see your true face. crumbled!
Everybody say I am in denial.
Do you ever feel alive. Fractured!
If you ever say that I will smash your face
Where we heading? We're adrift
Keep looking for rotten reasons to bring us down
You'll never justify your acts
There's something about us
That we don't understand
We always blame the others
Take and take this greed never fades away
Everything is decayed
Are we even alive, imposing or despised? The truth will never hide if only we gain sight
Needing the light inside us to follow in our hearts
it's a war within us none will fight it for us
Keep watch for the signs. Look for dim distant light. You'll reset the false lies and read between the lines
There's no ally but one! God help us!
Track Name: Systimatic Vessel
You like it that way
The deceit you see is clear
But you deny and live in fear
You let it conceal your dream
As the system rolls your dice (Your dice)
Plays everything in your life
Even after revelation (In your life)
It still subverts your sensation
Rise Or you will suffer
You and I could share the path
But you're soaked with hate
Waves of deception
Coming to claim your sanity
We stand in the way of opression
Under the table we see your conspiracy
Rise Or you will suffer
You and I could share the path
Take my hand I'll show you the way
Step up! Don't hesitate
It's time to change Before it's too late
It's time we unveiled your veil of hate
Your hate will consume you
Your hate will devour you
I've had enough of you You're hopeless
I don't wanna waste my time on you ever again
The little reality you created is feeding on your soul
You can dream if you want but I choose to stay awake
Play your roles puppet people without souls
Place your fears as doctrinated in your laws
Plagues that eat you til you are no threat at all
They keep you Fighting each other until you're no more
Track Name: Walls
Shivers never seem to leave
The cold breath froze her throat
Cracked, fragile crystal hands
Trapped in this cold room
She desires to walk on her own
Breaking the rhythm and flow
But it's so colorless here to even find a door
Blankness had covered her body
Her body yet not her soul
Vague memories
An old lost realm of an entity
Drowning in it everynight
If only she had one chance
Track Name: Cold Chamber
To feel the warmth of a sunshine
Maybe if she closed her eyes and prayed
She would get her stolen wings back again
Slumber nights never seem to leave
Shades of blue dance every time she breathes
A gentle light hit the glass walls of her room
An overdue change is on the rise
It looked like a firefly
It was her time to rise
Scrambled her way to the light
Chasing it through eternal white
A spark of guidance to show her the door
Memories aren't the same
She'd color them with this new era that came
Such a beautiful place
Indulgence in its greenish grass
The warmth of the sunshine
She reached aspiration؛‎ the stolen wings are back
An undue change arises
Inhabiting that land
Voices of agony death and atrocity
Echoes of slavery murders and wars
All in the name of false justice
Her longing place was painted with crimson blood
Such a beuatiful place
Such a shame it's filled with demons' dark wicked souls
Vague memories
An old lost fragile realm of an entity
She decided to go back from where she came
The only chance she had turned to be a dead end
Lifeless fabrications encompassing her
She preferred the cold over tainted warmth
With no regrets she mends the broken glass
back to the snow globe where she slept
Insanity enveloped her soul she was trapped there forevermore
That's her fate
That's the glass cold chamber from where she came
Track Name: Apocalyptic
Black tears in your eyes
The money you seek is demise
Don't fool yourself
The life you live will soon disappear
To ash we return
But doesn't the scar still burn
Can't change anything on my own
But I still resist and seek the truth
Reality isn't what you perceive
Idols of a golden star's prestige
Wars you knew they falsely conceived
Wars on screen they'll never cease
On the horizon
A line of rotten diamond horns. Another slaughter from their merciless bombs
Grey days without mercy. Children forever lost
Never again helpless It's time to revolt
I revolt Now
Can change anything on our own
and we still insist on spreading the truth
If it is the truth that you seek
Listen to the words that I speak
Reveals the truth for you to see
Through the glass walls of deceit
For the sake of your own benefit
You suppress the truth we lit
Reality isn't what you perceive
Idols of a golden star's prestige
Wars you knew they falsely conceived
Wars on screen they will never cease
You plead guilty
A Concretion of masses
Relinquishing to assassins
Amongst us Serpents reek
Amongst us poison leaks
Track Name: Utopia
We Are
Trapped in this void. We're helpless
A nightmare, demolishing our dreams
Lost control. We've been kept for too long
Overcome and watch the dawn
The life you feared to live is now reality
The minds are eternally diseased
The night is overtaking everything
The light once shed is now fading
We gonna break this down
Broken we'll never be
Broken you'll ever be
The autocrats want to make their world
But we are here to stay
Their utopia won't see
The bright of the day
You want to see the end
Drown in debt. We've been Drown in debt
The majestic dance swirls and enslaves
You want to see the end
Nothing left. We have nothing left
Taking everything like a spiral vortex
We'll get past this madness
We can cure the blindness
The world isn't theirs to take
We won't be enslaved
Broken we'll never be
Shattered you'll ever be
Broken we'll never be
Broken you'll ever be
The world isn't theirs to take
We won't be enslaved
Broken we'll never be
Shattered you'll ever be